when the author makes a character use tumblr slang


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when people call Kira the ‘female Stiles’

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wee woo wee woo yes hello ma’am this is the characterization police. step aside. yr under arrest for heavily misinterpreting this character

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fics where the sheriff is abusive


fics where stiles leaves beacon hills and no one goes looking for him


fics where scott is portrayed as a terrible friend


fics where pack mom


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when pup is used to describe children or babies in every. single. fic. 


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Any fic that describes Stiles as having a “heart of gold” makes me want to smack the author in the forehead as I slam on the back button.

You’re watching the show wrong.

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When people constantly replace Stiles as the main character and forget about Scott



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i’ve noticed a trend

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when fanfic authors mischaracterize a character so often that it becomes the character’s fanon personality

and it gets to the point where you can never find a fic where they are actually characterized correctly becauSE EVERYONE WRITES A MISINTERPRETATION OF THEM

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